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Patient Portal System for Enhanced Patient Communication

pat-man-1Patients want to retain some form of control over the management of their healthcare. With our portal, your patients can log queries without having to make phone calls or having to visit your practice to do so.

Professional Staff Support to Reduce Workload

pat-man-2Our patient portal system, reduces the workload of staff enabling more time to focus on quality patient care. With the V Professional service we reduce the inbound and outbound call load, freeing up staff time.  The portal communication minimises the need for phone calls and thus helps to reduce the administrative workload of staff members.

Reduce Costs

pat-man-3With a reduction in the cost of communication possible, your practice saves on the expenses of phone calls, which also helps to lower overheads. With lower costs on practice management, you gain higher profits.

Improve Scheduling

pat-man-4Many patients don’t want to make calls and appreciate the online communication feature. With automatic scheduling and no need for call rescheduling, your staff don’t need to deal with repetitive and labour intensive duties. In addition, the automated scheduling allows for maximum time allocation of service provider time and consequently increases revenue.

Patient Direct Pay Can Work for You

pat-man-5With more and more patients making use of the self-pay options available today, healthcare providers often struggle to collect outstanding payments. In the end they have to write off revenue. Late paying or non-paying patients don’t return to the practice, also leaving the practice with the loss of future potential revenue. Our solution and support services help you to minimise the risk of non-payment and ensure that the self-pay trend doesn’t affect your business negatively. Retain patient loyalty with the help of V Professional.

Furthermore, the patient portal provides 24/7 patient access to information and the ability to communicate with staff members. Appointments can be scheduled from the comfort of the patient’s home or office.

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