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Streamline Medical Billing for Maximum Revenue Generation

med-1Medical billing should not take up a lot of time. You want the benefits of transparency, regular updates and easy billing. We understand that time spent on billing and payment collection also means time away from your practice priorities.

V Professional offers a turn-key, remote access-based solution for practice administration and medical billing. Use the V Professional scalable platform to streamline billing and payment processes for faster and more effective revenue generation and cost savings.

Improve Payment Collection

med-2Do not risk non-payment of accounts. Use the V Professional solution and superb support to ensure maximum claims payment right from the start. Our team is committed to helping you optimise your billing and receipt of payment within the shortest period possible.

Improve Workflow

med-3Easily identify any claims payment problems, streamline workflow management and keep track of changes and patterns with the remote-based medical billing platform. With the advanced reporting features, the platform enables future trend identification and 24 hour access to critical information. Use the reporting features for informed decision making and planning.

Focus on Core Activities of Patient Care

med-4Administration and billing management can easily take up a lot of valuable time and thus detract from the core focus of your practice – patient care. With our committed professional staff compliment and the streamlined billing software, you can focus less on billing and administrative tasks and more on business development and quality patient care.

Low Initial Capital Requirements

med-5No need to pay for expensive software, licences and upgrades. With the V Professional remote access-based software solution for billing, the initial capital lay-out is low and updates are managed by our team.

Easy Installation

med-6We help you make the transition from the conventional billing system to the more relevant and highly streamlined remote access solution. Implementation is hassle-free and you gain the benefit of guaranteed updates.

Medical Debt Collections Made Easy with V-Professional

medical debt collections

Medical billing is the term used to describe the process of medical debt collections and is one of the most important parts of running a successful medical practice. This process involves filing medical aid claims, following up on the claims as well as ensuring compensation is received for all services rendered by doctors and other […]

Practice Management Software and Predictive Analytics

medical practice management software

Medical practice management software allows for the streamlining of many time-consuming processes. In addition, it can provide insightful analytics which can help improve the level of patient care provided. As analytics technology advances, healthcare organisations are moving from descriptive analytics towards predictive insights to improve the functions of their practice. Medical Practice Management Software Predictive […]

Staff Management – A Key Factor in the Care Coordination Process

staff management

In any healthcare environment, it’s safe to say that care coordination and staff management are closely linked and work together in creating a successful, high functioning medical practice. The key to the success of any medical practice is patient care above all else. When focus is placed on streamlining administrative tasks, more attention can be […]

Medical Practice Management Software for Effective Practice Management

medical practice management software

Making use of medical practice management software in your medical practice will ensure the highest level of practice management is achieved. Effective practice management is the cornerstone of high-quality healthcare, patient satisfaction and ensuring a profitable practice is not only established but also maintained. What is Practice Management Software? Medical practice management software is specifically […]

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