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Financial & Population Analytics – Useful Insight for Better Management

fin-ove-1The more conventional healthcare management systems do not connect reimbursement with outcome. Healthcare facilities and practices are thus now transitioning to payment platforms that allow for such a connection. Unfortunately for most, the transitioning process is expensive and tedious.

The Solution – V Professional

fin-ove-2We provide you a means to smooth transitioning without a large upfront capital lay-out. Our models enable for more point of care control, better insight and transitioning from the fee for service to higher risk based payments. We address the challenges through the remote-based model that meets and exceeds the normal healthcare data analytics systems.

Our advanced model makes provision for proactive decision making, reimbursement mix and practice management system integration. The remote-based model helps to turn data into usable information. The providers are financially and clinically aligned since decisions are made across your point-of-care continuum.

With our model you gain enhanced revenue management benefits and can use the analytics to adapt to future changes.

Operations Management – Flexible Displays

fin-ove-3Our platform includes easy to use features and straightforward displays to help you quickly identify trends to ensure that your team of service providers can be aligned. You can identify gaps in your care network and use the consolidated payer data for improving financial planning and management.

Care Management

fin-ove-4It is essential to consolidate population health information for better workflow. With such, optimal monitoring and management of the patient population are possible. In return, this leads to better quality care which can be aligned to revenue generation. The entire care team can work within one system, irrespective of where the patient data resides. Use our system to target patients in need of assistance to directly drive your population healthcare. This may include improving health and or reducing usage of a particular product.

We cater to your complete healthcare management requirements including the essential financial analytics functions.

Financial Management Made Easier Through Business Intelligence

fin-man-1With new payment models becoming the norm rather than the exception, your facility or practice will need to transition to the new models. It is, however, essential that your fee-for-service offering is managed correctly and operates as it should. V Professional helps you to improve on productivity and thus the base income. We do this by giving you superb insight into operational data and critical income.

Centralised Knowledge Base

fin-man-2Even though there is a mountain of data that can be used for decision making, you need to know how to apply the information for such. You also need the business intelligence tools to extract and analyse the data.

We provide you with a product that can deliver the income cycle and the relevant data regarding productivity in a single graphical image. This will make it possible to gain quick overviews and in-depth understanding of trends.

Developed by experts regarding the best healthcare income cycle systems, the V Professional remote access tool enables the ongoing updating on collections, denials, days that accounts are receivable, and cancellations.

Vertical Retrieval of Data

fin-man-3To identify any discrepancies or trends you need to locate the relevant patterns. Using the conventional reporting systems, this can take hours or even days and might in some instances, even be impossible.  With the V Professional healthcare business intelligence remote-based service, you immediately have insight because of easy to identify high-level information and line item detail. With our system you can vertically retrieve essential data with only a few clicks without any technical or advanced computer knowledge.

Aligning the Executive Outcomes and Physicians

fin-man-4The V Professional Analytics tool is useful in deep mining data and with our user-friendly dashboard feature the results can be shared with executives and stake holders. Using this tool you can deliver data that’s pertinent to the roles of the physicians and the executives of the facility. This helps to track their key performance areas.

The key performance indicators and results are displayed in an interactive format which can be a chart or graph. Filtering of the data can be done according variables such as location, role or department. With our tools you can ensure a higher level of transparency in the network, which in turn, will stimulate a bit of competition among the various service providers.

Improved Population and Care Management

fin-pop-1We operate in an era of fast changing compensation models in the healthcare industries. This necessitates highly effective care of the patient population. The V Professional innovative and cost-effective remote access solution to population health monitoring and management makes it possible to get in-depth insight regarding service provider activities and the patient population. You gain such insight in a timely manner and at the appropriate level.

Using Data for Decision Making

fin-pop-2Our Population Manager tool keeps record of the population health and monitors your network’s adherence to quality objectives and guidelines. You can measure the relevant performance using specific rules and filter such down to practice, patient or specific caregiver.

Having such information, you can easily identify any problem areas in care management across the non-network and network service providers. The data is returned to the electronic medical record or you can send any relevant reports to the various payers. With such, you can also identify patients that need contact to ensure on time intervention for health improvement.

Giving You an Overview of Usage

fin-pop-3Our tool merges the payer data into specific service groupings for out-of-network and network care providers. With such you can get insight regarding all the payers and will be able to identify any patterns and trends which can be compared to the available resources including finances. If you want, you can even identify a specific problem with a payer or service provider. With the dashboard feature you can furthermore identify where you lose service to out-of-network providers.

Enhancing Care Management Coordination

fin-pop-4Since improved population health management is required in the modern healthcare environment, information exchange and sharing across the entire care coordination continuum is a must. Our tools help you to integrate the relevant management functions into a single platform that can work across the entire electronic health record network. This will mean better care and expense data which can be used in quality management. It doesn’t matter where the patient information lies, it is possible to use such through a central remote access service.

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