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  • Overview

An Innovative Patient Care Coordination Model

care-co-1The conventional patient care coordination models used in modern healthcare industries lack flexibility and are riddled with complexities. The results are:

  • Patient dissatisfaction with communication and processes.
  • Pressure on staff and financial resources.
  • Complicated procedures for receipt of orders.
  • Inaccuracies in patient information recording and transmission of patient data.
  • Increased service provider frustration.

V Professional Care Coordination offers a remote access solution for optimal streamlining of patient information recording and forwarding, ordering processes and validation of information. Our model simplifies the entire process leading to improved results in:

  • Patient experience and accordingly satisfaction with the speed and accuracy of services.
  • Communication and connectivity between the practices and service provider resources such as hospitals and image labs.
  • Accurate and concise reporting.
  • Completion and transmission of clinical information.
  • Validation of patient information.
  • Coordination management.

Our solution is sustainable. Conventional sharing of data is unsuccessful because there is simply no incentive for sharing vital data at present. With the centralised model, sharing of resources is automatic and controlled, eliminating the problem of incomplete information.

Better Order Placement

care-co-2Service provider orders can be sent directly to the various facilities including hospitals and labs. With the information provided in a standardised format, the receivers can quickly identify any discrepancies. This helps to reduce errors and processing time. We thus provide you with a streamlined model for order placement and transmission.

Additional Assistance

care-co-3We also assist facilities with pre-registration and authorisation services as well as the supply of certificates to confirm eligibility for particular services or products. With our model, there is no need to get a measurable expense report since the facilities pay a fixed fee for the orders they receive and don’t have to be concerned with upfront costs or monthly minimums. Our interface is free and this ensures lower overheads for facilities and practices alike.

Our state-of-the-art patient care coordination solution is beneficial to patients, service providers and facilities alike.

Receiving Orders – Simplified Model and Improved Visibility for Better Coordination

care-co-r_1Facilities signing up to receive orders through the V Professional model benefit financially and clinically. With our remote access service delivery there are no large upfront capital lay-out requirements, expensive start-up or joining fees and you benefit from absolutely hassle-free implementation.

Benefit Clinically

care-co-r_2Handwritten notes are often unreadable and incomplete. With such comes the risk of incorrect patient data recording and order processing. With the V Professional solution, your facility receives standardised information reports, which are complete and sent electronically directly from the relevant providers. You will receive the communication in the format of choice whether by fax, through our web portal or through the set current interface. The risk of data loss or inaccuracies is thus eliminated.

Instead of having to follow up on orders received to ensure accuracy and completeness, your staff gets the information in a standardised format. This helps to reduce the time spent on confirmation as well as finding relevant data. Timely delivery of information in the correct format helps your facility to quickly identify patient status while the patient service provider has the same access.

With coherent information flow and immediate updates across the order continuum, time wastage becomes a hassle of the past. Results are automatically tied to the patient records for minimal administrative work.

Benefit Financially

care-co-r_3After initial and quick implementation your facility benefits from immediate visibility in the growing V Professional user network. Gain the advantages of free interfaces, a percentage fee for orders recovered and received and not having costs such as monthly minimums or sign-up fees.

Making Coordination Easier Across the Service Continuum

care-co-r_4With every order complete with all the demographic and clinical data required, management of administrative work becomes less complicated. This of course, is also beneficial to patients arriving at the facility since they will have less paperwork to complete. We believe it is imperative to eliminate the need for additional paperwork since it prolongs the time the patient has to spend at administration before treatment can start. With our streamlined electronic communication and simplified order completion, you can eliminate the time consuming tasks altogether.

Sustainability of Information Exchange

care-co-r_5Healthcare providers are often reluctant to share patient data because of the costs involved and the facilities that benefit from such have the disadvantage of additional costs. We believe it is important to eliminate administrative costs where possible and want to ensure that service providers don’t have to carry the burden of costs associated with data sharing on their own.

Our model is sustainable because the receiving facilities only pay a nominal fee for every order received. With the cost problem solved, there is more incentive for data sharing. Since our system enables automatic updating of the order information on both ends (facility and practice), the tedious tasks of duplication are eliminated.

We thus follow a cost-effective approach to information exchange which holds benefits for the entire service continuum – the South African Medical Association is in favour of this model. What’s more is that the system is remote access-based and therefore completely scalable. It is important since the network of providers and facilities is ever expanding and with such a solution, patient information can be shared irrespective of the network size.


care-co-r_6Because our goals include enhancing efficiency in information flow and improved network coordination capabilities, we offer additional coordination services to facilities such as hospitals, image and surgery facilities. Our solution is designed around your requirements to minimise duplication, labour intensive work and time consuming activities.

Care Coordination Additional Services for Facilities

care-co-a_1Hospitals, surgery and image centres benefit from the V Professional additional services. We understand that your resources are already allocated to specific tasks and having to deal with complicated ordering processes will simply put extra pressure on time, money and staff resources. With such in mind, we offer added services through the V Professional Coordinator model.

The model streamlines the ordering process, making it easier for service providers to do business with you. We do this through a support staff compliment that provides care coordination assistance to eliminate the time consuming tasks. With this assistance, your facility’s workflow is considerably improved. Some of our services in this regard are briefly introduced below.

Pre-certification and Authorisation

care-co-a_2As part of cost management and to minimise the risk of over-charging hospitals, image and surgery centres are often required to provide certification for authorisation. With time consuming phone calls handled by our support coordinators, your staff won’t have to spend 30 minutes or more per order for authorisation. It is a considerable time saving.

Our team will contact the relevant companies on your behalf and confirm coverage. You won’t have to navigate through complicated menus and deal with lists of codes. With such the denials and of course, also cancellations are significantly reduced.


care-co-a_3Patients are often too sick or already frustrated to deal with mountains of paperwork regarding every procedure for which they need to register. Your staff cannot spend all their time filling medical orders and may find the workload simply too much. We provide the pre-registration service on request and it entails:

  • Contacting the relevant patients.
  • Making sure patient payments are received.
  • Improving the sign-up or admission process for patients.

Improve Visibility of Orders

care-co-a_4It is essential to develop your network of ordering service providers. To ensure sustainability you need immediate insight regarding any income orders. We provide you with a 24/7 streamlined portal for optimal visibility of orders:

  • Easy access to order status.
  • Immediate insight regarding the progress of particular orders.
  • Real-time updating, tracking and reporting regarding order trends.

The V Professional care coordination for additional services streamlines the ordering process throughout the healthcare spectrum, offering:

  • Improved relationship with providers.
  • Better management of orders.
  • Better patient experience.
  • Reduced costs of management.
  • Maximising revenue opportunities.
  • Minimising risks of incorrect processing of orders.
  • Clinical opportunities for your facility.

Reduce the red-tape and time consuming tasks. Improve the overall care coordination at your facility by making use of the V Professional additional services offering.

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