Our Packages

The Practical Package is our most popular product and entails the administration of your practice. This package offers brilliant value to our clients.

Package includes:
  • Submitting of all claims electronically to all medical aid companies;
  • Following up of these claims and administrating, as well as patient/debtor management – thus minimizing admin cost at your practice or clinic;
  • Detailed reports on all patient visits, payments outstanding and received;
  • Backup of medical data daily;
  • Information Technology support;
  • Accounting services (includes payroll management(structuring) with PAYE and UIF) at a discounted rate;
  • Tax advisory Services at a discounted rate;
  • Legal Assistance at a discounted rate;
Once-off installation and training
  • 1 x Standalone PC installation – R 0 (V Prof cost)
  • 1 x Server installation – R 0 (V Prof cost)
  • The pricing structure will include the following for a once-off installation and training* all prices exclude vat
Monthly Costs and Package Options

The V Prof monthly pricing structure will include the following for a Practitioner:

The practice captures data and submits via V Prof. V Prof Services would then be responsible for the reconciliation of payments received and follow-ups from Medical Schemes and also patient recoveries in house, patient communication and statements will be processed centrally from V Prof to any destination in South Africa in order to recover funds on behalf of your practice.

  • Monthly subscription – Min Fee R570pm (VAT incl)
  • Real time and batch claim submission to medical aid. – Percentage of Total Monthly receipts (no receipt – no fee basis)
  • (Includes PMA Rental, telephonic support, automated software upgrades, Pricing and Rule updates, Off-site back up)



Modern medical practices deal with fierce rivalry, tremendous demands on their time and resources and the ongoing pressure of having to generate income, manage expenses, attain functionality and streamline processes.

With the fast-paced and highly competitive nature of healthcare in the contemporary business environment, conventional systems simply fall short in delivering the tools required for record management, cost control and audit trail development.

To gain an economical edge, healthcare professionals need to make the transition from the conventional software models to remote-based platforms, which will enable them to have more control over records and costs, improved functionality, and better adaptability.

The V Professional’s remote-based healthcare management system is the solution. Our software is updated on a regular basis for ongoing relevancy and security. We provide you with network supported and extensive back-office functionality in a single package. Using the secure and user-friendly remote-based platform, you benefit from ongoing streamlined management of operations, a high level of adaptability to change and an outstanding return on your investment.

Today, more than ever, keeping and developing provider networks is essential. Ensuring that your healthcare professionals operate as a coherent and top performing unit is also imperative to the success of your practice. With our ground-breaking healthcare management and coordination model, we simplify the processes and steps required for providers to do business with your practice. Since they benefit from time savings, the improved experience helps to build loyalty. You, in return, gain the benefit of better visibility regarding patterns while your patient satisfaction level increases. The system allows for improvements in:

Patient experience. Provider network development through automated connections. Healthcare coordination with local service providers. Understanding of order trends and pattern identification.
V Professional updates the system at no charge according to developing compensation models to ensure that you benefit the most. With a constantly developing platform that contains the latest payment models, compliance with the latest regulations and an effective audit trail, we ensure that you can benefit from efficient cost management.

Instead of having to run several updates for optimal relevancy, we provide you with a single update across the platform for the best possible workflow streamlining, which enables organisational policy acceptance and implementation across your entire medical professional team. Using the alignment feature, you can gain visibility into ordering data as well as any relevant healthcare practice patterns. The unified and single update thus makes improved delivery of superior quality results possible.

It is imperative to reduce the cost of operation in the current competitive healthcare environment whilst at the same time improve on the income generation capacity of the practice. Unfortunately, changes in the industry and the ignorance regarding the best starting point can seriously hinder the objectives of revenue increase and cost cutting.

With the V Professional solution you have optimal visibility to the performance of medical professionals and the business processes. And with our professional assistance, you can develop and maintain a viable operational margin. Benefit from:

Improved transparency regarding business processes. Immediate and well-planned response to industry changes. Lower expenses and ownership costs. Better financial performance. Optimal practice performance.
The more traditional information systems are expensive and difficult to adapt to changing needs. With the V Professional remote access service, the technology allows for scaling the system to meet your expansion requirements. This facilitates effective team management, improved leadership and maximum enterprise-wide growth at the lowest possible cost:

Visibility of suppliers, service providers and patients. Scalable solution for expansion of IT system to meet business growing requirements. More time to focus on business instead of administration. Low cost infrastructure development and maintenance.
With outdated conventional healthcare management systems, you face the risks of confidentiality breaches, expensive upgrades, and high maintenance costs. With such systems, the risk of not being able to update when needed also poses the danger of information loss. We offer you a viable alternative. Our remote -based services are always available, never become outdated and are flexible enough to grow with your practice. As such, you also save on operating expenses and security upgrades. Benefit from:

Improved and steady income flow. Lower capital lay-out. Platform that can change according to industry requirements. Reduced risk of information loss and confidentiality breaches.