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How Management Software Could Streamline Your Medical Practice

Few would doubt that the life of a healthcare professional is a busy one. Furthermore, it has a tendency to become busier with each passing year. Those who are employed in major hospitals and clinics, however, are able to pass the bulk of the routine administrative tasks to departments dedicated to this area of responsibility, and are experienced in their execution. For an independent practitioner, such tasks are always time-consuming and frequently challenging. To save them time and hassles, many doctors, dentists, and other private healthcare practitioners have been adopting the use of specialised practice management software.

When operating independently, doctors and dentists are not only providing various health-related services for their patients, but they are also conducting a business. Like any other business, it is required to meet its operating costs, as well as generate a sufficient surplus to provide its owner with an adequate income. In addition to providing details of the practice’s financial performance, there is an obligation to comply with the various mandatory reporting regulations that apply to medical professionals.

Employing staff, and the costs it involves, can be a burden on any small business, although extra help is often essential. One of the main benefits of automating administrative tasks with the use of practice management software is that it can help a practitioner to limit personnel to those that are most necessary, such as a nurse and receptionist.

Furthermore, the benefits of automating the admin are not limited to smaller practices. Any effective automated solution will have been designed to be scalable. That means the package should be just as capable of tackling the administrative needs of an entire clinic if necessary. In such cases, the resulting savings, both in time and manpower, will, of course, be proportionally more substantial.

A crucial task, and one that can be handled far more effectively with the help of a suitable management software package, is maintaining up-to-date patient records. When consisting of written records stored in filing cabinets, it is a labour-intensive exercise that can be prone to human error. When allocated to a suitable computer programme, not only does this simplify the storage and retrieval of records, but because these are stored in digital format, their data can be accessed for use in other automated functions, such as managing the appointment diary, and emailing reminders to patients prior to their scheduled appointments. Where a practice consists of several partners, automated systems ensure that each partner’s schedule is full, and that revenue is maximised.

When suitably comprehensive, practice management software can act like a super-efficient, around-the-clock personal assistant. For instance, it could be programmed to provide timely reminders about patients’ annual check-ups or repeat prescriptions, and important matters that can be easily overlooked when one is busy attending to the needs of other patients.

Attempting to divide one’s time between core and non-core activities invariably results in the quality of one or the other becoming compromised. Clearly, the less time spent on administrative diversions, the more will be available to focus on the core responsibility of any healthcare professional – caring for patients. Not only does the undivided attention of a practitioner inspire patient confidence, that confidence also prompts them to recommend the practice to others.

One of the main reasons practitioners hesitate to adopt a management software solution is the cost involved, especially for a smaller practice. The purchase price of such specialised packages can be steep, and could also require a costly hardware upgrade and even an IT specialist to manage them. On the other hand, why purchase an expensive package when there could be alternative ways to experience its benefits for a fraction of the cost while leaving the operating and maintenance hassles to someone else?

A leader in the field of practice management software for the South African market offers two cost-effective, hassle-free alternatives to a costly purchase. Rather than buying the package, healthcare professionals can choose to outsource their admin tasks to V Professional Services, a medical practice administrator that provides professional business and medical support staff in exchange for a monthly fee.

Though this is a totally secure and confidential service, some may still prefer to retain more control. In such cases, the company offers access to its advanced practice management software package as an online service. Clients can access the full functionality of the system at any time, and from anywhere, with just a web browser and broadband connection while avoiding any responsibility for system maintenance.

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