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This is the Era of the Medical Software App

The continued advances in digital technology have led to some radical changes in the way most of us now tackle many of our everyday tasks. In addition, it has even made it possible to pursue a number of activities that were not previously practical. Nowadays, almost everyone owns at least one mobile phone, while a search of the average household is also likely to turn up a laptop, PC, and one or two tablets. While each of these serves as a means of communication, it is the multitude of tasks made possible by software apps, which cover everything from medical advice and satellite-aided navigation, to breaking news, blockbuster movies, and the local weather forecast, that really motivate consumers to acquire these digital devices.

For the general public, there are applications that enable users to monitor their physical activity and dietary habits, in order to assist them with losing weight or improving their fitness. There is no longer any need to leave your home, in order to meet your future partner, thanks to a plethora of online dating applications. You also no longer need to visit the local pizzeria to collect your quattro stagioni or Hawaiian, when there is a perfectly good mobile app to arrange door-to-door delivery from multiple outlets.

More remarkable, however, is the growing range of medical software apps that are now available for use by physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals. Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, they range from programmes that assist with the interpretation of laboratory test results, and offer help with differential diagnoses based on a patient’s symptoms, to online journal access and closed social network applications that allow colleagues around the world to share their specialist knowledge and experiences with one another, when a second opinion might prove helpful.

One of the most impressive examples of a medical software app, however, has to be the complex collection of algorithms that act to create a three-dimensional view of the internal structure of a patient’s head, limbs, or entire body, by combining the multiple, sequential X-ray images that were generated by a CT scanner.

Although they may not attract the same level of public awe, the programmes developed to assist doctors with the medical billing function, and the various general administrative tasks that are essential to the operation of a private practice or clinic, are certainly of equal importance.

It is also of particular value to those who choose to operate outside of the hospital environment. This type of medical software app offers private practitioners an effective means to manage their practice, without encroaching on the time they have available to devote to patient care.

Since the bulk of their income is likely to depend on claims submitted to many of the nation’s medical aid schemes, possessing the means to automate this process, and to eliminate the errors that frequently accompany manual claims, will help to ensure the continuity of essential cash flow, if they are to adequately meet the operating costs of the practice.

While there are many medical software apps that may be downloaded, either at no charge or in exchange for a small annual subscription, most of these are devoted to diagnosis and informative support for doctors. For those concerned with practice administration, there are also some free applications that one may download. However, these tend to be fairly generic in nature, and may fail to take into account variations in aspects, such as the local reporting requirements that can often differ widely between countries.

Developed specially to comply with all of the prevailing requirements in South Africa, we at V Professional Services offer a comprehensive medical software app, to manage the all-important billing function. The package enables the user to automate both the claims process, as well as patient billing, and to handle collection should this prove necessary. For those practitioners who would prefer some additional support, there is also the option of a more comprehensive application, with which all of the common administrative tasks of their practice can be managed.

These solutions are offered as one of three options to suit individual needs and finances. All include installation and training, while the associated fee structure is determined by the manner in which the medical software app will be utilised. In the most economical option, all submissions are handled by the service provider, and reconciliations by practice staff.

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