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Company Overview

V Professional Services is a Medical Practice AdministratorMedical Bureau and Professional Accounting Firm that is dedicated to supporting the business activities and patient care of independent medical practices around South Africa. Due to our commitment to excellence, we have grown to become the one of the leading and independent medical practitioner health care provider services in the country.

The outcome of V Professional Services is that we promote practitioners to maintain control of their practices, while we provide them with healthcare expertise, along with all the professional tools they need to succeed. Our attention is focused on saving you time and money – V Professional Services protects the goodwill of your practice and cherishes relationships with your patients, positively influencing financial performance, and turning around obstacles that prevent the practice from achieving its goals.

Having worked with some of the best partners in the world of healthcare, V Professional Services has a very extensive insight and a broad understanding of the entire healthcare market. As a company, we have a genuine understanding of what is required to run a successful medical practice. This knowledge and expertise, along with our high service delivery standards, allow us to provide the best solutions and comprehensive support to healthcare providers across South Africa.

The Benefits of Working with V Professional Services

Our team, consisting of highly qualified, professional business and medical support staff, concentrate on those areas that lie at the very heart of every professional medical practice, to deliver the best and most advanced professional medical practice support. These services will assist in:

  • Reducing practice overheads;
  • Increasing practice profitability; and
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the practice.
  • V Prof specializes in enabling you to access your PMA to have full control of your practice wherever you are in the world and monitor day to day activities.

We pride ourselves on providing all our members and their entire practice with a timely and responsive service, along with a high degree of professionalism and the support they require to run their practice on a daily basis. We provide these services while retaining the member’s independence and allowing them to have complete control over all the clinical care and decisions regarding their patients.

What We Offer

Our Help Desk Resource Centre is managed by dedicated, professional medical staff and clinical nurse case managers to assist you and your staff on aspects such as reimbursements from medical aids, coding, pre-authorisations, liaising with medical aid companies, and clinical management inquiries.

In addition to this, we offer:

  • Professional support with accurate coding, assistance with ICD-10, NHRPL, and CCSA code inquiries;
  • Professional coding support to increase the billing of overdue accounts;
  • Professional advice on your practice, as well as regular updates on any requirements regarding billing and coding procedures within your practice;

The V Prof Services Member Resource Centre

You will have access to updated medical aid preferred provide and DSP contracted reimbursement tariff offers, as well as a complete NAPPI code search engine.

You will also have access to this comprehensive list of tools:

  • ICD-10 coding electronic reference manuals;
  • Doctor / Patient Care Contracts;
  • POS credit and debit card practice terminals; and
  • Patient communication support tools.

Professional Support across South Africa

We pride ourselves in being a key member in the development in creating a Practice Cost Calculator for your benefit in determining the actual cost driving your Income Statement. Evaluating the tariffs associated from the Medical Schemes in South Africa and having a clear and present picture of your financial implications associated with the running of a private practice.


V Professional Services provides a personalised and professional approach to support your medical practice and to encourage the running of a successful practice. We provide professional assistance and advice in practice management reviews, as well as advice on medical aid DSP and preferred provider contracting. We keep all our members regularly updated on the healthcare market, and inform them of updates and trends.

V Prof has no upfront costs and we will provide a consultant at your request. Our comprehensive list of business support tools, professional advice, and solid back-end support for your practice makes V Professional Services a market leader in the industry and we look forward to continually building our relationships with our clients.

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